1967 Chevrolet C10
BY n2billet I have watched this truck for five years sitting in a carport in a neighboring town and would stop from time to time to ask the owner if he would sell it and I always got the same response but I would leave my card and drive on down the road thinking he would give in one day. Now a week or so back while we were in Nashville at the GoodGuys show I slip down to the business center in the hotel to get my Craigslist fix when I see a very undisclosed ad for a 67 swb back in the Dallas area......I thought I knew where just about all the 67-72 where in that town so I thought that it had to be the one in the carport.....after a day or two of trying to make myself forget about it I finally broke down and call the guy and sure enough it was the truck. It took almost a week to get our schedules to match so I could get a closer look and try and get the price where I needed it to be but within 10 minutes I was holding the title and my wife was sitting in my truck shaking her head.