In 1973, the third-generation C/K series was released, also known as the “Rounded-Line” generation. Also referred to as the “box-body” or “square-body” trucks, the third release of the C/K series saw another redesign of the body. Considered by many to be the first modern heavy-duty pickup, the 1973 Chevy C30 One-Ton Dually was the first dual rear wheel truck in the industry to have an available Crew Cab, with seating for up to six people. Under the hood was a 350-cubic inch V8 engine that had 155 horsepower and 255 lb.-ft. of torque. Chevrolet began to offer the Silverado luxury trim edition in 1975.

Second generation 1967–1972

Third generation 1973–1987

In 1960, the Chevy C/K line of trucks was released for the first time. One of the most popular models from the C/K series was the Chevy C10, a half-ton, light-duty pickup. Several body styles were available for the C/K trucks, such as the popular Fleetside and the Stepside, which consisted of rear wheels on the outside of the bed, with a step located between the cab and the wheel wells. For the second generation beginning in 1967, the C/K series was dubbed the Action Line trucks, known more casually as the Glamour Pickups. Charming consumers not only with its good looks, but the Chevy C/K trucks also had eight engine options for the second-generation.

First generation 1960–1966

Chevrolet’s third generation of full-size pickup trucks, produced from 1973 to 1987, represented an abrupt change in pickup style. General Motors marketed the style of these models as a “rounded line.” But ironically, truck enthusiasts quickly pinned the trucks with exactly the opposite label: “square body.” Despite the use of rounded windshield corners, curvy roof lines, and wrap-around rear taillights, it was the truck’s squared-off profile and blunt front-end that stood out in everybody’s minds—and what makes them so appealing today.